Mauer Oszkar

Mauer Oszkar - Babba 2017

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Grapes: Riesling, Bakator, Mezes Feher, Furmint, Tamjanika
Type: Orange
Ageing: The ‘Mother wine’ for this cuvee is a blend of Riesling and Bakator from plot Karaš, one of the best locations on the slopes of the Fruška Gora, mountain in Northern Serbia, just next to Danube river. In 2016 this wine is used like firestarter for fermentation, mixed with a must of Mezes Feher. This elixir is then in 2017 blended with the must of Furmint and finally in 2018 with Tamjanika.
In essence Babba had over three years triple fermentation and in the meantime it was kept in old 500L oak barrels.
Region: northern part of Serbia, near Subotica
Winery: Oszkar Maurer
Serving Temperature: 12-14° 
Alcohol Content: 13%

Tasting Notes: Orange wine with an herbal trace of hay, honeycomb, dried stone fruit, almond, orange peel. Well balanced intense creation with good, pleasant medium acidity. Long rich aftertaste.

Food suggestion: roasted veal or pork, spicy food, orange and dark chocolate dessert