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About us

De Wijnkaart

Welcome to De Wijnkaart! This Hidden Gem is the place in Amsterdam to taste new wines and indulge your senses. Sandra and Florin are both Romanian and know like no other how good the Eastern European wines are. It is their mission to introduce you to these wines and give you a carefree time.

From dream to reality

The story of De Wijnkaart is about a dream come true. Sandra and Florin went to a lot of different wine bars and remarkably, the two wine lovers discovered that they almost always served the same wines. The wines were often from the same area and the Eastern European wines, which Sandra and Florin love so much, were nowhere to be found. Suddenly Sandra knew what she had to do: the Dutch should get introduced to the unique taste of Eastern European wines!

The two went on a trip to Eastern Europe. They visited several wineries from Moldova, Romania, Hungary and Greece. They not only discovered beautiful products and wines, but also got to know the stories of the winemakers. Back in the Netherlands the dream became reality and De Wijnkaart opened its doors.

The flavors of Eastern European wines

Only the very best wines are served at De Wijnkaart. The wines go through a critical selection. Sommelier Florin does a lot of research into the quality of the wines and only local grapes are selected. These grapes give the wine a unique and authentic taste.

With over 50 wines in the wine portfolio, there is plenty of choice and you are assured to always discover new flavors.

A team of professionals is ready for you!