Sarica Niculițel - Romania

This is a large estate with over 400 hectares vines in Dobrogea, that had passed through difficult times in recent years. Even though the company was succesful during the Spanish ownership, the crisis in 2008 forced them to replant the vineyards.

This decision did not work out as expected and in 2013 they declared bankruptcy. Current general manager and co-owner Marius Iliev was the one who really believed in the vine fields. Even though the first intention was to sell the winery, he declared: “After looking close and understanding more about the story of this place, we decided that we should not sell but develop it into a significant business”.

Using modern technology, combined with traditional approaches, they have become an important player in the Romanian wine market. Each year their premium range contains an exceptional wine.

They produce great wines from local and international grapes. Their portfolio includes: Epiphanie, which is an excellent example of Fetească Neagră; the red and white limited edition 'Caii de la Letea' or an interesting blend of Romanian grapes 'Trilogy in white'.

Discover our favourite wine from the Sarica winery: