Liliac - Romania

Located in the heart of Transylvania the vineyards thrive on the sunny hills of Lechința, a land of legend and fairytales.

The forgotten vineyards were brought to life by the Austrian architect Alfred Michael Beck in 2010, which had fallen in love with the beautiful landscape and vines. After a large investment, in 2011 they released their first vintage, which was a surprise for the Romanian market.

Today the winery has around 52 hectares under production and the main focus is quality and small yields. The winemaker of the winery is Laurent Dubreuil assisted by the Austrian Rudolf Krizan. The mineral rich soils and the continental climate are embraced by the Carpathian Mountains creating great conditions for the ripening process. The area is famous for production of fine, crisp and precise white wines.

Furthermore, Liliac is known for pioneering sweet wines and ice wine made from dried grapes. They are starting to focus also on red wines and their Pinot Noir rosé is a strong asset of the winery.

Discover our favourite wine from the Liliac winery: