Lechburg - Romania

One of the few organic certified wineries in Romania, Lechburg is situated in the heart of Transylvania where green virgin forests and colorful fields of wild flowers are coming to life every spring in order to create the undisturbed scenery of the country side.

The winery was built in 1962 and was producing around 20.000 hectoliters annually during the communism and many of the communist leaders were visiting the winery and tried the wines. After the events in 1989 it was forgotten and more than two decades have passed until the winery came back to life. It became a fashion in Romania that international investors see what Romanians were not able to see: the great potential of this country.

The vine fields of Lechința are famous for producing exceptional white wines due to the day and night variations of temperature, great sun exposure and protection from The Carpathian Mountains. In 2015 the winery released the first vintage with the supervision of Cristiano Guarato, the new owner of Lechburg.

With Italian origins he had already been living in Romania for more than 15 years. Together with his brother they are bringing new investments and are focused on an organic production. The wines showed great potential from the first vintage and now they are an important player in the Romanian market. The winery is gravity oriented and includes two underground levels and temperature controlled concrete tanks.

All their wines are under the Lechburg brand (the name of the village in German), and include an exceptional Pinot Grigio, great Fetească Regală, and some good examples of Chardonnay, Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc. Lately they are trying to see the potential of red varieties such as Fetească Neagră or Pinot Noir.

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