Gitana - Moldova

This is one of the most appreciated wineries in Moldova, managed by Dulgher family since 1999.

The main focus was to plant vines which are able to reveal the pure expression of the terroir, and secondly, to age the wines in the legendary underground cellars. There is a limited human intervention on the vines because the nature had already created great conditions. There is not too much rain in the summer, but the soil still holds enough water for the vines to thrive at an altitude of 360 meters.

Since 2013 the wine production was assisted by the Italian winemaker Nicola Tucci. Today each wine from the Autograph collection is signed by one member of the family. In the Premium Collection we discover a great wine made from the Georgian grape Saperavi and the star of the white wines La petite Sophie (Chardonnay, Riesling and Fetească Regală).

The hidden treasure of the winery is a red wine called Lupi (translated to the english as wolves), named in the memory of a small pack of wolves usually spotted around the vine fields.

Discover our favourite wines from the Gitana winery: