Erzsébet Pince - Hungary

“The wine of kings and king of wines”

While in Tokaj you realize that feeling like a king is not that hard these days.

There is this beautiful winery founded by one of the first female winemakers in Tokaj, Erzsebet (Elizabeth) Prácser. Erszébet and her husband bought a cellar in the old wine merchants’ street in the historic center of the town of Tokaj in 1989. But this was not a common cellar. It was one of the regions' historical cellars, dug in the 1600’s and rented by Czarina Elizabeth of Russia in the 1700’s to store the Aszú wines. Annyally there are 10.000 bottles produced from the best plots around Tokaj.

The Prácser family takes pride in the production of exceptional dry wines (from grapes as Furmint, Kabar, Hárslevelű) and Sweet Aszú (Furmint) made from natural botrytis affected grapes. The family business is now managed by the second generation of winemakers, the brothers Hajni and Miklos Prácser, with the assistance of a Master Sommelier and Master of Wine, Ronn Wiegand. The logo of the winery shows a wolf carying a rose in its mouth. This is inspired by the mythical times when the Aszú wines were carried to Russia, while wolves were hovering around in the village of Tokaj also known as the village of roses.

Discover our favourite wines from the Erzsébet Pince winery: